WARNING: American Girls Will Hate You For Reading This
Surely You're Utterly Sick And Tired Of Western Dating By Now? Well You Don't Have To Be...
Hey man,
My name is Kyle Trouble, and I left America in April of 2016 and never looked back (and never will)....

The main reason?

Honestly, it's so simple, but as you'll come to see, it's also extremely complex.

I was sick of dating American girls.

I hated how entitled they were. 

In a nutshell:

I hate how girls in America, who are 40 pounds overweight, tattoos all over, maybe a hook hanging out of her nose, or maybe those "gauge" earrings the size of a quarter, and with neon-green hair to top it off, think they should grace the exclusive Victoria's Secret catalog. They also think they deserve a husband who is a millionaire, has a six(teen) pack of abs, and that he should treat them with respect, bring them flowers every day, and kiss their feet good night.

While maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, it's not a stretch to say...

American women in the modern world are completely out of control.

They have no feminine grace or sexiness, and simple skills such as cooking...well, I hope you like frozen food.



According to most of the girls, kids are smelly, messy, and not worth sacrificing personal freedom and GO GURL power for.

Western girls would rather make $40,000 a year and make PowerPoints than raise a family and make an adoring husband a sandwich.

Really, to sum this all up....

I have no nice way to put this, so I might as well just say it like it is:

American girls are just disgusting.

They're rude, they're loud, they're lazy, they have few redeeming qualities.

In fact, I have the perfect story to illustrate this.

There I was, walking the beautiful stone streets of a quaint little seaside town, in Zadar.

I heard a "Quack!" behind me...

I turned around, expecting to see a mama duck and her flock of ducklings waddling across the road.

But it wasn't a mama duck. It was a pod of American whales...er, I mean girls...

The only similarities to ducks that these girls had was the fact that they were indeed ​waddling.​​

It was in this moment, hand-in-hand with my girl (who hails from Kiev, Ukraine), that I realized how fortunate I was to have been able to leave the American dating scene behind. How fortunate I am to have built a life in a foreign country, free of the duckly terror...​​
But, those girls inspired me, because there are very few men on the planet who deserve to be subjected to that nonsense.
They inspired me to create "Actually Abroad".

Now, for the bad news...

You can try and "fix" this problem all you want, but honestly, you probably have a better chance of beating Elon Musk to Mars than making it happen.


You can take a bit of "longcut", so to speak.

You can get on a plane, you can go to a foreign country, and you can meet girls abroad. It's not cheap, it's not easy, and it's not convenient. And no, to boot, it's not fair, either. But, after being apart of the American dating scene for so long, and now having also been abroad for many years, I've been forced to draw this very simple, shocking, and uncomfortable conclusion:

Dating American women simply isn't worth it.

And, it's true for men of all ages. 

Young guys are more likely to find fun, thin, sexy, and yet feminine girls abroad. 

And older guys are much, much more likely to find girls who are wife-worthy than in the States.

Last note...

While I'm all for personal accountability, in many cases, this really isn't YOUR fault. It's our culture. 

The reason you cannot find a decent girlfriend or wife...
  • Is NOT because you're NOT attractive...
  • Or because you're shy and awkward around girls...
  • ​Or because you're not successful...
There's a good chance you are attractive.

Are just fine with girls.

And are successful...

...and yet...your dating dating options are just so lacking, the women's expectations out of control (they all "deserve" to have an A-List Hollywood star, after all!), that you find yourself throwing up your hands and saying...
"Enough. Is. Enough."

It's really, truly, not your fault.

I can tell you to get 6-pack abs, make a million dollars, and approach thousands of girls to "fine-tune" your game, and yes, those things will help you get higher-quality girls, however, even if you do all those things and become extremely successful, at the end of it all, I reckon you'll still be asking yourself if it's even worth it.

Yes, those things are all great, and men should strive to be the best men they can be, but...

If the women are utterly and truly broken, it's not your job to fix them.

It's your job to do what you want for YOUR life.

And that?

That, my friend, starts now...

Introducing "Actually Abroad"
The premium men's community for men who want to go abroad and find better
From Colombia to Kiev to Bangkok, we have members around the globe who are dedicated to doing better.

The Community Inside A.A.
There is simply nothing easy about moving to a foreign country.

Nothing easy about building a business so you can fund your life abroad.

Nothing easy about getting into a relationship with a foreign girl, where cultural and language differences are so prevalent.

Nothing easy about handling all the visas, paperwork, and general BS that comes with staying in a country on any type of more permanent basis (i.e. more than 90 days or so).

​None of it is easy!
​​It is a very, very sad state of affairs when normal guys can't get a normal girl. 

Unfortunately, that is the reality that is entrenched in the dating culture in the United States. 

It "should" be the stable computer engineer or accountant can get a high-quality girl, and have a family with her. 

Unfortunately, it rarely works out that way.
"Actually Abroad" focuses on getting deserving men a second lease on life.
No contracts • satisfaction guaranteed
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"Kyle has an inspirational story and does a great job of providing solid, realistic information for young men traveling, working, and dating overseas without any cheesy PUA game bullsh*t.”
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the premium community for men who want more

Gimme the TL;DR
"Actually Abroad" is a high-level "mastermind" group full of men looking to get abroad to foreign countries - whether it be to see the world, break out of the 9-5, or find a woman to marry.

Is this a "Dating" or "Business" program?
Both, because let's face it, the reason we build online businesses is to get girls. You'll find a bit of everything inside.

Is my monthly membership amount set in stone?
The price you join is your lifetime price. If you choose to leave the Actually Abroad brotherhood, you will have to pay the current price if you wish to rejoin.

Do I get access to all the old content?
Absolutely...not. Think about it. 

If someone has been subscribed to membership for a year, why do you deserve to get all of the same content they've paid to access? more likely than not, you are not such a special snowflake...
What's the refund and cancellation policy?
There are zero refunds on subscriptions once a payment has been processed. 

But, you may cancel at any time with no questions asked. Upon cancellation, your access will be removed and you will not be charged again.

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